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Life is unexpected

Someone recently asked how I would describe life.  Unexpected was the only thing that I could come up with.

We live life with preconceived ideas as to how things will turn out, but so often it doesn’t turn out the way we expect it to.

When I was 20 I wondered where I would be age 26.  I am not sure why 26 was such an important age, but it was.  At 26 I found myself single after a long term relationship, but shortly afterwards I started dating the man I thought I would grow old with. All good.  At age 39 everything has changed once again and I find myself single  and wondering how the hell did that happen??

Single at 26 is a whole lot different to being single at 39.  Firstly I have a son now. Quite frankly a part of me feels like I am quite happy with my life now, but the real Julz really believes in love and longs for it again.  So I long for love, but   I am not so in love with my body anymore.  Gravity has taken it’s toll.  Being a single parent means almost no time to go to gym not that I would anyway, but  I know what you were thinking there. It also  means that I get to spend most week nights and every other weekend with my son which I am enjoying so much, but it also means that I have 4 days out of 14 days to date.

So putting all the scary thoughts  and challenging time management issues aside, a part of me is excited about the future.  I am excited to meet new people even though I am not sure how to anymore, but I will figure it out.



One comment on “Life is unexpected

  1. Hey
    Nice to have you back in the blogging world.

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