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Damned Wisdom

I am 38 years old and until about 4  weeks ago had never experienced tooth ache.  Rather lucky. When the pain started, I was hoping to be able to blame it on my sinuses which have caused me endless grief because I would rather go through a whole sinus surgery again than sit in a dentist chair.

Yes I am terrified of dentists.  I go when I need to which is hardly ever because I have really strong teeth.   The reason why I don’t like dentists is because my teeth are not in the best condition and I just don’t feel like the lecture, but I couldn’t take the pain any longer and hauled my butt off to the dentist on a public holiday so yes it was quite bad.

I was hoping to get away with a script for antibiotics, but that was really wishful thinking considering 4 of my wisdom teeth were cracked or broken from acid reflux or just not being able to brush there properly.  I prefer to say it is from the reflux. Sounds better to strangers.  I got a very annoyed dentist who took an x-ray and then gave me the lecture I truly deserved followed by the worst news ever.  I would have to have them all out. Actually all four wisdom teeth  one canine that was hiding in my pallet and another poorly positioned tooth.  You would think previous dentists would have noticed the lack of the one tooth in my mouth, but if you don’t go to a dentist they tend not to notice.  The only saving grace is that because the one tooth was totally impacted, they could make medical aid pay for it under general anaesthetic and seeing as I would be under they might as well remove all the others too.

So I took myself off to the Maxo guy who was interesting.  He noted all of my previous surgeries which are too numerous to mention.  I tried to  use them as an excuse for not going to the dentist due to lack of time and money.  He didn’t think it was funny. He lost brownie points cause I thought it was very funny. He agreed with the dentist but sent me to an Ortho dude to make sure. Ortho dude agreed so off I went just over a week ago for them to remove 6 teeth at once.  I am not scared of surgery as long as it doesn’t include surgery of my toes or mouth so I was really nervous.

I love the way surgeons tend to leave out all the details until after the surgery and then they come to see you post op and almost shout “SURPRISE” followed by “the surgery was a bit more difficult and they had to cut part of the pallet away first etc etc etc.

I am not a sissy and up until now adore pethadine which helps me after most surgeries, except this one.  There was nothing more they could do for the pain which is not what I wanted to hear.  Eventually things calmed down a bit and I got to go home and the next few days were quite sore and I was very swollen up to my eyes infact despite sleeping sitting up.

So four days on and nothing could have prepared me for the truly worst part of dental surgery. THE STITCHES. i am not sure if the surgeon intentionally meant to thread each stitch through my cheek  or if I am just the unluckies person out there, but that is exactly what has happened and the stitched in my pallet have become permanent dental floss which is so annoying plus they have cut my cheeks to ribbons.  I even resorted to sleeping with gauze to protect my cheeks but I woke up and couldn’t find said gauze so I can only assume I must have swallowed it during my sleep.

The best part is that my surgeon is on leave until next Monday.  Yes another week of permanent dental floss.

Lets hope the gauze I swallowed  dissolves better than these damned stitches.


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