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Tooth trouble

It has been ages since my last blog. Sorry abou that.

Truth is that I have been MIA thanks to my strong teeth. Yes that is right. They are so strong that I have been ignoring them for 38 years or rather neglecting them.  I do go to the dentist every 10 years or so, but only when a tooth has actutally broken. I have until two weeks ago never had tooth ache. How lucky am I. 


So two weeks ago I got to experience tooth ache and at first I though it was my sinuses. Much rather have sinus surgery again than go to the dentist, but as the week came to an end I had to admit that the ache was rather bad and I wasn’t that blocked up so on the public holiday I took myself off to the dentist. 

The very kind dentist decided a HUGE lecture was in order, which it was.  Turns out all of my Wisdom teeth are giving me hassles due to them all being broken. Yes I know they are all broken but why fix something if it isn’t hassling you and the cost of dentristry is shocking.

It turns out I have to have them all removed plus two more, one which is impacted and the other in a very odd place.

Not happy about this but am very hopeful that my wonderful, generous medical aid will pay for me to have them all removed under General anaesthetic.  I see the surgeon next week wednesday. Until then I am on strong pain meds and heaps of antibiotics for the abscess that is present.

I guess I will be spending a few more weeks sleeping upright. Great.


So the moral of the story is,go to the dentist before you feel the pain cause once the pain is there it is too late.


One comment on “Tooth trouble

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