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It’s my party and I’ll do as I want to

I turn 38 in a few days time and I am having a party. I do every year.  I am a social creature and like to have my friends round for a good evening.

Neil usually gives me the option of a present or a party for my friends. I choose the party. This year I said I will pay for my own party as I would like a gift rather from Dylan .Neil has already bought us tickets to see Sting for my birthday present from him. Can’t wait.

Each year I stress about what I am going to do and serve and until now I have had a seated dinner party, but I have made some new, fabulous friends so I am having a bash rather.

I can’t think of any better way to spend it than wearing neon clothing, , eating finger food ,drinking white wine and dancing to music from the 80’s when you could still sing along and you could remember all the words so the theme is Back to the 80’s.

Most of my friends grew up in the 80’s so we all remember the stone washed “jean pant” and the leg warmers and permed hair. All the make up worn by men. Hysterical.  Actually the shops are pretty full of the same clothes at the moment so failure to arrived dressed for the theme boobie prize for sure and there will be no nipple attached.

Most importantly I am not going to get stressed about food and drink or the house being clean enough or my falling down cornish in the bathroom.  I will just dim the lights and order food.

The wine is bought and paid for and there are some beers in the fridge so plenty of alcohol to go around.

It made me realise why life begins at 40. It’s cause you start caring less about what other people think and do what it is you want instead.  Bring on the 40’s!


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