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The paid for non house sitter

Up until recently we have had a fabulous housesitter who is also a good friend.  It suits us better to know that someone will be looking after our home and dogs all at the same time,but Neil made a new deal with the housesitter and so he basically owes us 14 free days of housesitting in lieu of a payment Neil made on his behalf. 

Great only now, the said housesitter isn’t available like he always has been and I wonder if it is the lack of payment or maybe I am just being unfair. He also has been single until recently so that may be a factor.

I want to go away with some dear friends. Neil is willing to. They are not his dear friends, but he is willing to..  If it were me going away with his dear friends, I would be happy to go away, but anyway that is another debate.

Now we have no house sitter. 

Neil is secretly thrilled as he thinks I will cancel, but I won’t. I want to go away for the weekend. A kennel is out of the question.  Their hours are so ridiculous that your dogs land up spending 4 days for a weekend break away and then our one dog named Clumsy may actually break away so not an option.

So now to find a new reliable house sitter. One that will accept the fact that we have no DSTV. Yes folks. No DSTV.

So the search begins.


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