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It’s my party and I’ll do as I want to

I turn 38 in a few days time and I am having a party. I do every year.  I am a social creature and like to have my friends round for a good evening. Neil usually gives me the option of a present or a party for my friends. I choose the party. This year […]

The paid for non house sitter

Up until recently we have had a fabulous housesitter who is also a good friend.  It suits us better to know that someone will be looking after our home and dogs all at the same time,but Neil made a new deal with the housesitter and so he basically owes us 14 free days of housesitting in lieu […]

Winter with me, myself and I.

I love that winter is on it’s way. Firslty because I get to wear the new winter woolies stashed in my wardrobe which I love and secondly because my son gets up later and goes to bed earlier.  Let me just clarify that his getting up later means six in the morning and not five-thirty.  It’s […]

Early Friday the 13th on a Monday?

Early Friday the 13th on a Monday?

Wow I have had such a blonde day.  Hope not to offend, I am a bottle blonde and today was proof that I should have been born blonde.  I did the most stupid things at work today. Not once but twice!!!  My boss thought it was really funny. I didn’t as I had to correct […]

The real me

For a good few years I have let my loved ones and closest friends see an ideal me.  Now it’s time to be the real me. Not easy to do as people think they know you for real when they don’t. I have tried blogging before. I might have won the award for worst blogger ever, but […]